Vision Statement
A world class financial institution serving the needs
of the industry and country.

Mission Statement
1. To put 2k Management Consultants Ltd at a level of
personal financing and loan that is at par
with the world's best.
2. To develop and maintain highly competent systems
and personnel which will ensure
unparalleled customer satisfaction.
3. To become a model of efficiency, productivity
and quality in the financial industry.
4. To profit with honour.

Customer satisfaction was an elusive dream for many especially in the lending industry. But today it's no longer a dream, it is actually happening and thousands of clients are living witnesses to our efforts.

What they say about 2K MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LTD...

"I have been leaving your office "SMILING" ever since I got my first loan" ... M.A.
"For me you are the best, I've recommended 3 officers to you so far" ... B.W.
"I'm used to receiving poor service here in PNG. But your service is first class. It's fast, efficient, friendly and professional. I never thought ordinary Papua New Guineans like me can easily have access to such service." ... S.I.
"... I personally sought personal loans several times and was served in a very professional manner and I must say I am very impressed with your approach. I recommend your company to all my friends employed in goverment departments expecially if they need URGENT LOANS BECAUSE YOUR SERVICE IS SIMPLY FAST!!!" ... A.A.

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