We provide the BEST money lending service in the country.

Or, if you still have doubts, please ask your workmates who keep coming back year after year on what they think about our service. We are confident that they will give us a thumbs up!

  Fast, hassle free, same day service.
  Customized loan service to suit individual needs.
  Competitive rates.
  Efficient cessation authority after completion of loan.
  Nationwide service to public servants whose payroll come from the Department of Finance.

Service Standards

We strive to provide the best service in the country and we try harder everyday to improve our systems and train staff to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.

1. ONE CALL, ONE CONTACT, ONE SOLUTION. Our staff are multifunctional and the first person to greet you on the phone or at the front desk will be the one to solve your financial needs. No transferring of calls, no more waiting because the officer in charge is not around, no impersonal voice machines with confusing instructions. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND IN PNG!!!
2. NIL COMPLAINT TARGET! Complaints happening in many financial companies have no place with us. This is because of our same day service, world class accounting system that gives accurate customer records, fast cessation of deduction or prompt refund in case your payroll system fails to cease your deduction.
3. AFTER SALES SERVICE PAR EXCELLENCE! We will remember you forever after your first loan. We will send you thank you cards, greet you on your birthday, send you T-shirts, key chains, calendars and many other things so you will know that you are very important to us.

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